10 Strategies to Help You Pass Your VMware VCP and VCAP Certification
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Strategies to Help You Pass Your VMware VCP and VCAP Certification

10 Strategies to Help You Pass Your VMware VCP and VCAP Certification

Many professionals struggle to pass their VMware VCP and VCAP certification exam. In fact, many fail even after multiple attempts. But if you are smart with your decisions and study plan, this won’t be the case for you.

Below are 10 strategies to help you pass your VMware certification exam.

1. Gather All of the Updated Information

Recently, VMware made a number of changes to its certifications. The first thing you should do is read all of the updated information regarding the certification and the exam.

2. Learn from Someone Who Has Passed the Exam

Find a mentor, teacher or instructor who has passed the exam to learn from. These are the people who have walked the same path you’re walking right now. Since they have been in your shoes, they will empathize with you and do their best to help. Their advice will help you to better prepare for the exam.

3. Write Everything Down

Write down everything you learn in your own words. These notes will help you study and memorize the material very quickly. Avoid using electronics for this; use a pen and paper to help the concepts stick in your mind.

4. Find the Right Study Materials

Hours and days spent studying won’t be fruitful if you are using the wrong study materials. Look around carefully and take the time to find the right resources.

5. Map a Definite (And Realistic) Plan

You must have a clear, definite and realistic study plan for the next 50 days. Write down your day-by-day and week-by-week plans and set small goals you want to achieve.

6. Practice Like It Is the Real Exam

Conduct practice tests like it’s the day of the real exam. Make the atmosphere of your room like the exam centre, and take the test within the required time. Treat your practice like the real exam to get a true sense of what it will feel like on the big day.

7. Teach Someone

When you teach someone something, you’re also teaching yourself. When you help another person to understand a concept, your brain will process the information in several different ways, which will allow you to understand it better too. If you have no one to teach, then just pretend.

8. Hit the Gym and Work Out

Sticking to your books and notes all the time won’t be beneficial in the long run. Research has found that exercising can improve the processing speed of your brain and will help keep the newly-acquired knowledge in your brain longer. You don’t have to hit the gym and sweat buckets for hours — 30 minutes of running or cardio is adequate.

9. Take Small Breaks to Refresh Yourself

Again, studying all day and night is not helpful. Your brain needs time to recharge. Take breaks now and then to be more productive; work in your garden or take a walk to get some fresh air.

10. Relax

Relax! VMware VCP and VCAP certifications are important, but your whole career doesn’t depend on whether you pass or fail. Approach the exam with confidence, knowing you have prepared as best you can.

These are 10 proven ways to help you pass your VMware VCP and VCAP certification exam. It definitely is easier said than done, and you will probably encounter some problems on the way. But if you make smart decisions and study hard, the path ahead will be smooth and successful.


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