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Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

NetSoft College of Technology
NetSoft College of Technology
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135 Matheson Boulevard East
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1R2

About NetSoft

NetSoft, the Link to Your Dream Career

Founded in 2004, NetSoft College of Technology is a Canadian-based college, specializing in infrastructure and virtualization courses. NetSoft partners with Microsoft Imagine Academy, Citrix IT Academy, VMware IT Academy, Cisco Networking Academy and Red Hat Academy to provide students with the best in cutting-edge IT courses. NetSoft is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

High-Quality Programs Leading to Internationally Recognized IT Diplomas and Certifications

As a Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco and Red Hat partner, NetSoft has built a strong reputation for expertise in the design, delivery and support of Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco and Red Hat courses.

For those considering certification in Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco or Red Hat technologies, or starting a career in IT, there is no better place to prepare than NetSoft College of Technology. Our students get hands-on experience provided by knowledgeable and experienced instructors who are trained in the latest technologies. We put every effort into ensuring that when students attend our courses, they walk out with the skills needed to stay ahead of the curve and get the winning edge. Our college is passionate about student satisfaction and success. At NetSoft College of Technology, we strive for excellence and build strong relationships.

Milestones Constant Innovation for Your Success

NetSoft College of Technology has grown from a small, rented room to our own state-of-the-art college. As we have grown and evolved, our primary goal has remained the same: to provide superior, real-world courses and services that focus on our students’ success.

Date Milestone
July 2004 NetSoft is registered as an incorporated business in Toronto, Ontario.
June 2008 NetSoft rents a 944 square-foot space at 6981 Millcreek Dr., Mississauga, Ontario.
January 2010 NetSoft moves to a 3,500 square-foot space at 135 Matheson Boulevard East, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1R2.
May 2010 NetSoft hosts its grand opening, where member of Parliament Navdeep Singh Bains honours NetSoft with a speech and presents it with an award.
June 2010 NetSoft becomes a Citrix Silver Partner.
October 2010 NetSoft hosts its 6th Annual Event, which is attended by several members of Parliament; Hazel McCallion, mayor of Mississauga; and more than 300 IT professionals.
June 2011 NetSoft becomes registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.
June 2011 NetSoft becomes a Microsoft Imagine Academy.
December 2012 NetSoft becomes a VMware IT Academy.
May 2013 NetSoft becomes a Prometric Test Center.
July 2013 NetSoft partners with ESXLab.
August 2013 NetSoft becomes a Citrix IT Academy.
November 2013 NetSoft becomes a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.
August 2014 NetSoft celebrates its 10-year anniversary at its Annual Event.
October 2014 NetSoft hosts the grand opening of its new 7,500 square-foot college, where the mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, honours NetSoft with a speech and presents it with an award.
February 2015 NetSoft becomes a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center.
April 2016 NetSoft hosts its Annual Event, attended by several members of Parliament, Senator Tobias Enverga and more than 300 IT professionals. 
August 2016 NetSoft becomes a Red Hat Academy.
September 2016 NetSoft becomes a Cisco Networking Academy.
December 2017 NetSoft hosts its Annual Event, attended by several members of Parliament and more than 200 IT professionals. 

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More than just technical skills, the college has taught me little things which are simply invaluable.

—Waheed Abdul Mohammed

There’s not a single boring moment during the courses; the instructors make sure that you are paying full attention at all times. Simply excellent.

—Muhammad Aamir Ayub Khan

They take the most challenging concepts and teach them in the simplest way possible, which makes it really fun and engaging.

—Moin Ahmed

If I had to redo my training, I would do it at NetSoft all over again! A great college and great facility.

—Kashif Hasan Khan

I have nothing but good things to say about NetSoft. The instructors are professional and very supportive; they want us to grow and excel.

—Farhad Sultani

The instructors are so helpful and simply first-rate; they care about us and are always willing to assist.

—Amer Moeen

The instructor’s philosophy behind education and learning is very inspiring and motivating, which can be seen through NetSoft’s courses.

—Zeeshan Anwar

For things to change, I must change—and things sure did change for me, all thanks to NetSoft and their outstanding instructors, facility and everyone involved.

—Syed Basit Hussain

I have learned from NetSoft to always give 100 per cent at whatever I do. They have taught me to be the best and to always keep learning.

—Syed Basit Hussain

NetSoft was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can proudly say that my personal and technical skills have improved a lot.

—Muhammad Farhan Ayyub

The instructors do not sugarcoat anything; they share their real-world experiences, guide us and want us to win and succeed in life.

—Muhammad Nadeem Ashraf

It doesn’t get better than NetSoft. With the instructor’s sense of humour and exceptional level of training, it is simply priceless.

—Muhammad Shahbaz

NetSoft’s IT courses—mixed with personal development—were just what I needed to really have a positive impact on my life. Thank you so much.

—Syed Hasan Kashif Zaidi

When the instructors are delivering the courses, they give 110 per cent. Spectacular instructors and an exceptional facility. Thank you, NetSoft, for everything.

—Suhail Mughal

I have had many teachers throughout my schooling, but the instructors at NetSoft are not just teachers; they are mentors, life coaches and, above all, your friends.

—Shuja Yousuf Kazmi

Not only are the courses and instructors excellent, but courses are offered at very convenient times.

—Shuja Uddin Ahmad

NetSoft is simply one of a kind; no other institution comes close to the way they deliver their courses. I would recommend it to anyone.

—Saleemullah Marufi

We see the people in our class grow professionally, technically and spiritually. This college has changed my outlook on life and made me more positive.


Excellent instructors who actually care about you and make sure you succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

—Piyush Sharma

My classmates became my friends, and working in groups is such an effective and fun way to learn.

—Muhammad Shahzaib Khan

Positivity is always present at NetSoft, whether it’s in their courses, events or the people.

—Shahzad Habeeb

Every course session is different; it never gets boring or repetitive. The instructors know how to keep things interesting and enjoyable.

—Salman Mahmood

For the best IT courses, NetSoft is the way to go. I would recommend NetSoft to anyone and everyone.

—Jobanjeet Singh

NetSoft is a wonderful institution with great facilities and excellent instructors and associates that make a difference in our learning experiences

—Jobanjeet Singh

NetSoft’s courses can be applied in all areas of life. They have made me realize the importance of education and personal development.

—Faheem Adil

NetSoft has really helped me achieve my goals and made me realize that the harder you work, the luckier you get. My family is so proud of me. Thank you, NetSoft.

—Brian R. Mark

I love the hands-on training, group work and the real-life experiences the instructors share with us; it’s all these things that make NetSoft so different from other institutions.

—Brian Carpenter

The only thing I can say is: join NetSoft because you will not be disappointed. It is a place where you can challenge yourself and see yourself grow to become something even better.

—Brian Carpenter

I highly recommend NetSoft to anyone who’s looking for IT training. I thank you for everything you have done for me.

—Ataul Waheed

The instructors are fully certified and trained and are always willing to help the students. I wish I had joined NetSoft sooner.

—Amson A. Lopes

After taking courses at NetSoft, I have so much confidence in myself, and my IT skills have gotten better along with my communication skills. NetSoft has given me a lot of optimism towards myself.

—Katherina Dudziacha

NetSoft really changed my life; my instructors and classmates are a huge part of my life now. They are my spiritual mentors and friends.

—Katherina Dudziacha

Absolutely terrific. NetSoft is the embodiment of an outstanding college. It is a college where everyone cares about you and wants you to succeed.

—Leonrosz Mohamed

I was very skeptical in the beginning, but after attending the first course, I knew NetSoft was the right college for me.

—Salman Mahmood

I absolutely loved the courses and I like the fact that I can repeat the courses free of charge if I don’t fully understand some of the material.

—Salman Mahmood

The instructors want you to become the very best version of yourself and always grow.

—Salman Mahmood

The instructors know how to deliver and teach the content really well; they made sure we understood the material thoroughly.

—Salman Mahmood

Our classes never felt like classes; they were so much fun. It’s hard to believe that with all that fun, we’re learning at the same time.

—Salman Mahmood

The college has given me so much more than what I expected. The skills and knowledge I obtained at NetSoft are absolutely priceless.

—Ramneesh Kumar Malhotra

I love how the course methods are split into labs and theory. I felt it was the most effective way to learn, and I also had a lot of fun.

—Mustafa A. Patel

I love how the course methods are split into labs and theory. I felt it was the most effective way to learn, and I also had a lot of fun.

—Mustafa A. Patel

I definitely enjoyed the courses. The instructors are so passionate in the way they teach and I would encourage anyone to take courses at NetSoft.

—Ahmed H. Babader