Ending an Interview
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Learn How to End an Interview

Ending an Interview

Ending an interview on the right note is just as crucial as making a good first impression. You want to end the interview like a winner; you want to appear confident and leave the room with a positive vibe.

Imagine two job seekers attending an interview. Both candidates have the same skills and the interview goes well for both. At the end of the interview, interviewee one simply stands up, says thank you and walks out of the room. Interviewee two restates his interest in the position, reiterates why he should be hired, asks a couple of questions, and, after getting the answers, thanks the interviewer, shakes his hand and leaves with a smile.

Which candidate do you think has a better chance of being hired? Interviewee two, of course. In order to leave a lasting impression, follow these 11 tips at the end of your interview.

11 Tips for Ending an Interview:
1. Offer a Handshake

Give a firm handshake to demonstrate that you are a confident person who has proved their worth. Not only will this leave a good impression, but it will also end the interview on a pleasant note. If there are multiple interviewers, shake hands with each person.

2. Say Thank You

End the interview by thanking the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. This will show that you are polite and grateful for the opportunity.

3. Ask for Their Business Card

Make sure to ask for business cards from the interviewer(s). This will give you useful contact information to follow up with the interviewer. If you have one, offer your business card as well.

4. Follow Up

After the interview, always follow up with a thank you letter or email. This will remind the employer of you and give them yet another reason to hire you. It shows your eagerness to work for the company and will help you stand out from the crowd.

5. Ask Questions

Ask questions to show your interest in working for the company. One question you could ask is: “When will the next round of interviews be held?” Asking a question like this will show your confidence that you will be invited back for another interview. It will also help you to assess your chances of success.

6. Summarize the Interview

Summarizing the major points of the interview will give you another opportunity to emphasize why you are the best fit for the position. It will remind the interviewer of your strengths and leave a stronger lasting impression.

7. Offer More Information

Ask the interviewer if there is anything else you can provide, such as references or other background information. If the interviewer thinks you may be lacking in a certain area — experience or qualifications, for example — references could help change his or her mind about your abilities.

8. Close According to the Interviewer

Analyze the interviewer’s behaviour before you make your closing. Every interviewer prefers a different style of closing; it depends on the field, the company, the position and the individual. Follow the interviewer’s lead and close accordingly.

9. Be Persuasive

Be persuasive when reiterating your strengths and qualifications. Make the interviewer focus on your best qualities so he or she will remember you in a positive light.

10. Smile

Always end your interview with a smile. It will close the interview on a positive note and show that you feel confident about your performance. It is always a good sign if the interviewer returns the smile!

11. Restate Your Interest

Emphasize your interest in the position and your excitement about the opportunity. Interviewers are more likely to remember eager and passionate candidates.

Most candidates focus on the importance of the beginning of the interview and answering the questions well. They forget to consider the lasting impression a strong and positive ending will make. The end of an interview is a great opportunity for you to restate your interest, highlight what makes you the best fit for the position and show your manners and professionalism. When you leave your interviewer smiling, they are much more likely to invite you back again.

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