What Is Generally Not Discussed about Microsoft Certifications?
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Pros and Cons of Microsoft Certifications

Five Things Nobody Discusses about Microsoft Certifications

Some people know everything about Microsoft certifications and their benefits — or so they think. However, it’s likely that there are some factors they haven’t considered. Here are five things nobody discusses about Microsoft certifications:

1. Learning from the Right College Is Important

It’s not really the certification, but the learning process, that matters — how much is learned and what new skills are acquired. Certifications shouldn’t be chased for the sake of it — having up-to-date knowledge and skills is more important.

It is also crucial that individuals learn these new skills from the right college. They must take the recommended courses from a Microsoft Imagine Academy to ensure that they are being taught new skills from certified instructors who can use their industry experience to guide their students toward a better career.

2. Experience Is as Important as Paper Validation

Practical experience is just as important as paper validation. Even with certification, professionals must have experience to land their dream job. Colleges that offer real-world application and practical experience through labs that are completed during the course are the best option.

3. IT Certifications Don’t Guarantee Success

Yes, recruiters recognize IT certifications and hold them high in their esteem but, sadly, they won’t hire individuals for a better role and higher pay just because they’re certified. Experience, knowledge and skills must support the certification to prove expertise, and establish why a better role and higher pay is deserved. Professionals must work hard to unveil new opportunities and prove that they are the best person for the job based on their technical knowledge, experience and attitude.

4. Ample Career Opportunities

The most important benefit of IT certifications is not only higher pay, but also greater career opportunities, which will come in abundance. Individuals should consider what is available and keep their options open until they find the right match.

5. Great Interpersonal Skills Are Necessary

Top employers in Toronto don’t just look for candidates with good technical skills, they also want someone with great interpersonal skills who can communicate and negotiate effectively. This includes getting along with others easily and being a great team player — and potentially a great leader. Top employers also want someone with a positive attitude that matches the company’s values. Completing a Microsoft certification allows you to develop your interpersonal skills alongside your instructors and fellow students.

These are five things nobody discusses about getting Microsoft certifications. Embrace them and make optimal use of the recognition they bring to achieve greater success.


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