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NetSoft College of Technology
NetSoft College of Technology
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VVSADV55 (Module 03)

VVSADV55 (Module 04)

VVSADV55 (Module 05)

VVSADV55 (Module 06)

VVSADV55 (Module 08)

VVSADV55 (Module 10)

VVSADV55 (Module 13)

CXA201 (Architecture)

CXD203 (Architecture 1)

CXD203 (Architecture 2)

CXD203 (Scenario 1)

CXD203 (Scenario 5)

What is a Site

What is a Schema

What is a Global Catalog

What is a Forest

What is a Domain

Read-Only Domain Controller

Parent and Child Domains

Organizational Unit

Active Directory Overview

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