Impress an Interviewer in Less Than Three Minutes
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Six Simple Ways to Impress an Interviewer in Less Than Three Minutes

How to Impress an Interviewer in Less Than Three Minutes

Your résumé shows off your qualifications and achievements, but if you think your résumé alone will be sufficient to impress your interviewer, you are mistaken. Of course employers want qualified and experienced professionals, but you must understand that the massive crowd of job-seekers is filled with candidates just like you. You need to gain an edge over other candidates applying for the same job.

Spruce up your approach to charm the interviewer and easily get the job.

How? Below are six simple ways to impress an interviewer in less than three minutes.

1. Dress Sharply

Dressing well is the first step in making a good first impression. Wear your best clothes and look your finest. Go for a professional, smart-casual appearance. Make your interviewer admire your appearance and confidence from the moment you walk in the door.

2. Look Enthusiastic

Employers want to talk to candidates who are full of energy — candidates who exude a positive vibe. Look enthusiastic and speak in a way that shows your optimism and confidence.

3. Be a Storyteller

Engage your interviewers in interesting conversations and you will leave a lasting impression. Tell quick, compelling and relevant stories to give them an idea about who you are and what you have done in the past.

4. Speak Clearly

It’s simple: You must speak loud and clear. Never give your interviewers any reason to say “what?” Avoid stammering, don’t be repetitive and speak in a calm manner.

5. Smile Big

There’s nothing more pleasant than a big smile. Keep your smile intact throughout the entire interview.

6. Have a Few Winning Phrases

Keep one or two winning phrases that you think will impress your interviewer. For example, “I pride myself on being autonomous,” “I like to be a part of the solution all the time,” or “Interpersonal intelligence is one of my greatest skills.” Use these phrases whenever you get the chance, but make sure they are relevant to the discussion.

These are six simple ways you can impress your interviewer in three minutes or less. These six methods will help you easily get hired for your dream job. Good luck!


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