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Tips for Becoming a Linux Certified Professional

Linux Courses and Certifications

A survey conducted a few years ago revealed that hiring Linux talent was at the top of the priority list for hiring managers. Fast-forward to 2019, and the demand for Linux Certified Professionals is even higher.

Linux courses and certifications have become the go-to for professionals and new graduates because they validate technical proficiency. Certified professionals enjoy infinite opportunities in their careers: better jobs, higher pay and greater recognition at their company and among their peers.

Are you planning to take this path? Below are six valuable tips for IT professionals looking to become Linux certified.

Six Valuable Tips for Becoming Linux Certified
1. Don’t Do It Just Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

One of the biggest career mistakes you can make is following the crowd and doing things because “that’s what everyone is doing.” Make sure you are pursuing a Linux certification for your own career goals.

2. Know Why You Want a Linux Certification

Why do you want this certification? What are your goals? Are you hoping for higher pay? Are you looking to get hired in a big tech company? Do you want to improve your skills? Answer these questions to help you better understand if you should take Linux courses or if another IT certification would be a better option for you.

3. Map an After-Certification Career Plan

What is your ultimate career goal? Have a plan for what you will do after becoming Linux certified — the companies you want to apply to, the salary amount you want to negotiate and specific job goals you hope to achieve.

4. Pick the Right Linux Institute

Passing a Linux certification exam isn’t easy; you not only have to work hard, but you must be smart with your decisions. Choosing the right IT college in Mississauga and learning from experienced instructors is important. Take your time and do your research before picking the college that will help you reach your goals.

5. Understand and Learn the Material

Even if you are an expert, you will learn a lot of new things, acquire new skills and get up-to-date information during the course. Don’t get this certification just for the career rewards; use it as a learning experience to improve your technical abilities.

6. Enjoy Yourself

The whole process of taking courses and getting certified can be very exciting. Avoid overstressing; as important as it is, your life isn’t dependent upon passing the exam and getting the certification. Take a deep breath, apply yourself as best as you can and approach the exam with confidence.


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