Seven Benefits of VMware Certification
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Benefits of VMware Certification

Seven Benefits of VMware Certification

A VMware certification is a huge credential to add to your résumé. Recognized as one of the most prestigious IT certifications in the field, it is guaranteed to help graduates and professionals get a competitive edge in the job market. Below are seven benefits of getting certified by one of the world’s top cloud and virtualization software and service providers.

1. You Will Stay Ahead of the Crowd

Even though skill-focused certifications are desired by all IT professionals, many never take the time to obtain anything higher than their traditional college degree. Specialization in any field is in high demand, and if you have a VMware certification, you will effortlessly stand out in the crowd of job seekers.

2. You Can Negotiate Your Salary

If you’re a recent graduate or you don’t have much experience, you might feel completely helpless when it comes to negotiating your salary. With a VMware certification on your résumé, you will easily be able to negotiate a higher salary from your employer.

3. You Will Receive Respect from Your Colleagues

Nothing beats receiving respect and recognition from your colleagues. You may even inspire your colleagues to get certified as well. This could lead to increased productivity, improved employee welfare and gratitude from your company.

4. You Can Confidently Apply for Your Dream Job

A VMware certification will allow you to confidently apply for your dream job. This certification reflects your high level of skill and knowledge and will help you impress your potential employers.

5. You Will Have Endless Career Opportunities

VMware offers many different types of certification under various domains to suit each individual’s career goals, and picking the right one can unlock countless opportunities for you. From getting a new job to changing your career path entirely, you can enhance your professional life with these certifications.

6. You Will Get Hired for Advanced Roles

VMware certifications are a stepping stone for you to climb to advanced levels of your career. If you are ambitious enough, you can go after the top positions in your company with the credentials to back you up.

7. You Will Learn — a Lot!

We recommend that you attend a reputable VMware IT college that will arm you with the right knowledge to easily pass your exam. The top colleges have qualified instructors that use first-hand experiences and real-life examples to help you master the skills that will take you to the next level of your career.

Understand VMware Certifications

VMware now offers Version 7 certifications. Version 7 is divided into two categories: Cloud Management and Automation, and Desktop and Mobility. Each of these domains has five levels of certifications: Associate, Professional, Advanced Professional, Implementation Expert and Design Expert. These certifications cover everything from validating your skills in installing and optimizing hybrid clouds and more to designing and managing VMware vSphere environments. Choose which certification you want to pursue after you evaluate your career goals. Any of these certifications will make you an ideal candidate for top IT positions and provide you with many career opportunities.


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