Seven Simple Ways to Double Your Salary
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Proven Strategies to Increase Your Salary in an IT Company

Seven Simple Ways to Double Your Salary

We all wish for higher pay and more respect, but these wishes rarely come true unless they are backed by hard work, dedication, consistency and smart thinking. Low pay is quite common in the IT field, but it doesn’t have to be this way for you. There are proven strategies that will help you increase your salary.

What Won’t Work

One reason you may be receiving low pay is that your employer fails to see why they should pay you more. Barging into your employer’s office and complaining hardly ever works; you need to be sensible, patient and strategic. Below are seven simple ways to double your IT salary in six months or less.

1. Polish Your Interpersonal Skills

Many people underestimate the importance of interpersonal skills. If you’re good at talking, storytelling and communicating, you will connect with others very well. You will become more likeable and this is very important if you’re looking for a salary increase.

2. Develop Planning and Organizational Skills

You will need impeccable planning and organizational skills in order to achieve your goals. Practice planning and organizing your daily life, and these skills will soon improve your performance at work.

3. Strive for Better Time Management

If you manage your time right, you will be more productive. When you are more productive, you will get more done. When you do more work, you will set yourself up to negotiate a higher salary. Bottom line: strive to manage your time more effectively.

4. Take Initiative and Lead Your Team

How involved are you in your workplace? Do you just wait for others to take initiative? Do you just agree with others’ opinions and actions? Being proactive is the key to turning yourself into a leader. If you are a leader of your team, you will earn more respect and put your name at the top of the list for the next salary increase. Don’t just be comfortable with your current job role — take initiative and be a leader.

5. Help Your Colleagues and Ask for Their Help

When you help your colleagues with their problems, they will like and respect you more, which will ultimately lead you to becoming a respectable figure in your workplace. Take steps to help your peers and ask for their help on important matters. A true leader makes others feel good about themselves.

6. Get the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Certification

Getting IT certifications is the simplest way to validate your credibility and qualifications. There are several certifications to choose from, but the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop certification is very popular and held in high esteem in the IT field. Get certified and show off your skills and up-to-date knowledge proudly. Your employers will take notice and certainly consider offering you a raise.

7. Be Committed to Your Goals

If you’re not moving toward your goals, you will stay trapped in your current job. Be tough in your commitment and train your mind to stay committed to reach your professional goals quickly.

These are seven very doable ways to double your IT salary in six months or less.


Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Certification


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