Should You Pursue a CCNA Certification?
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Major Benefits of CCNA Certifications

Should You Pursue a CCNA Certification?

Cisco is one of the biggest multinational IT organizations in the world. Unsurprisingly, its certifications are held in high regard in the job market and are valued by nearly every top employer.

Since 1998, one million Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certifications have been awarded. These are not only being obtained by young graduates; experienced professionals are also getting certified to move ahead in their careers.

In the job market today, you need to stand out from the thousands of competitors who are applying for the same job positions as you. A traditional bachelor’s degree is not going to get you there; employers are requiring specialized skills and certifications in order to keep up in the evolving IT market.

Cisco certifications aren’t an option anymore — they’re essential!

Seven Major Benefits of CCNA Certifications
1. Gain New and Up-to-Date Skills

In the fast-paced IT world, CCNA courses and programs will arm you with up-to-date knowledge and skills. By learning at an IT college from hands-on experience and qualified professionals, you will gain new skills that will enable you to effortlessly succeed in job interviews with top companies.

2. Receive a Higher Salary

The CCNA certification is highly recognized in the IT field; with this credential under your belt, you will be able to easily negotiate your desired salary.

3. Skip Entry-Level Jobs

Many graduates have to spend years in an entry-level job at a smaller company to “gain experience” in order to advance to a higher career level. However, with a Cisco certification, you can skip the entry-level positions and march straight to the higher roles.

4. Easy Job Hunt

There is a serious skills gap in the IT field, so not only will your job hunt be easier, but recruiters will place you in the front of the line if you have CCNA certifications on your cover letter or résumé.

5. Earn a Promotion

The CCNA certification is highly beneficial for working professionals who have been at the same company and in the same position for years without a promotion. Once you are CCNA certified, your employers will likely offer you your much-deserved promotion with higher rewards.

6. Endless Career Opportunities

The networking world is vast, and a CCNA certification will open many doors and provide you with better career opportunities. If you’re looking to steer your career to greater heights, this certification can help you!

7. Personal Satisfaction

You have one of the most highly regarded IT certifications, you’re way ahead of your competition and your colleagues respect you — is there any reason you wouldn’t be personally satisfied?

CCNA is an associate level Cisco certification, which will allow you to reach the upper levels in your industry. Get Cisco certified soon to advance your career!


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