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Five Must-Have Tech Skills to Double Your Salary

The Top Tech Skills of 2019

There are only a couple ways you can double your income: rob a bank or make your résumé so fantastic that employers would be happy to offer you a high salary. We recommend the latter!

Given the skills gap in the job market, employers are struggling to fill technical roles at their companies. Obtaining specialized skills to include on your résumé can open new doors for you — doors to higher pay, better job roles and endless opportunities. Below are the five tech skills of 2019 you must acquire to double your salary.

R Programming

R is an open source software platform for statistical data analysis. Over the years, this programming language has grown in popularity significantly. Today it is used in a wide range of professions, including software development. With the rise in demand for data scientists, having R skills will take your salary to the next level.
Average Annual Salary: $115,121 USD

Mobile App Development

People are using smartphones today more than ever, so it’s no surprise that the skills of developing mobile applications are held in high regard by employers, and the demand is predicted to grow in the coming years. The skills needed to develop a mobile app include Mobile UI Designing, backend computing and programming (e.g., C, C++, Java, HTML5, .Net).
Average Annual Salary: $97,000 USD

IT Security

IT Security is one of 2019’s hottest IT skills, and the demand is increasing with every passing month. With companies struggling to keep their databases — and businesses as a whole — safe and secure from attacks, they are in dire need of security experts. Security professionals maintain computer and network security and update security programs when needed.
Average Annual Salary: $76,667 USD

Cloud Solution

“The world is going digital” is now an outdated phrase; “The world is going to the clouds” has replaced it. Big and small companies are taking their business to the clouds, and this has increased the demand for professionals with adept skills and knowledge to handle the cloud infrastructure with efficiency.
Average Annual Salary: $90,000 USD

Database Administration and Automation

Companies are spending millions every year in managing and securing their database, and this has increased the demand for professionals with database administration and automation skills and expertise. These professionals manage and maintain the organization’s Database Management Systems (DBMS).
Average Annual Salary: $81,710 USD

These are the five must-have tech skills of 2019 that will double your salary. Get them under your belt and see your professional life transform!


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