Using Newspapers in Your Job Search
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Pros of Using Newspapers in Your Job Search

Using Newspapers in Your Job Search

Many people think that with the advancement of technology, newspapers are no longer an effective way to search for a job. Most people don’t even read newspapers anymore, let alone use them to look for jobs.

As an insider in the IT field, I can tell you that these people are wrong. It doesn’t matter how far technology has come, newspapers are still a vital tool for your job search. I know you are thinking, “Why should I refer to the newspaper when there are so many job search tools online?” There is a simple answer to this: While most companies have adapted to the Internet and post their jobs online, there are still companies who like to advertise their job openings the old-fashioned way. These companies may be small, but due to the low number of employees, the pay and career growth opportunities will be worth it. You wouldn’t want to miss out on many high paying jobs, would you?

  • Familiarity

    Another reason to look for jobs in local newspapers is the familiarity of businesses. The businesses that are listed in your local newspaper will be in your area, so there is a good chance you will have heard of them. You may know their reputation, how they function and their track record. When you apply to a company online, you may not know much about it; it could be suffering major losses, have a bad track record or even be shutting down. Being familiar with a company will save you from applying to companies that do not have a positive future.

  • Easy to Obtain

    Newspapers are very easy to come by; there are hundreds of places that sell them. If you do not have the newspaper delivered, you can go to a nearby retailer that sells them. If you have a subscription and receive the newspaper at your house, all you have to do is pick it up and casually flip through the employment section.

  • Comfort

    When you are reading through your local newspaper, you will find that most — if not all — of the available jobs listed are local, and they might even be just a few minutes away. If you are searching for jobs on the Internet, you will have to sort through the national jobs to find the ones local to you. And there is a good chance that even the “local” jobs may not be as close as you would like.

  • Business News

    The news and reports about local businesses can help you find a job as well. How? When you are reading through the business section, you will find a lot of reports about mergers, takeovers, and businesses opening new branches in your area; this usually means job openings. Why not try your luck and apply to these companies?

  • Additional Tip

    If you want to use the Internet as well as your newspaper, that is completely reasonable. Keep in mind that you can browse through the online versions of your local newspaper as well. The online edition may contain job classifieds that didn’t find their way into the paper, or maybe they were printed on a day you missed the newspaper and are still available online.

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