Microsoft Certifications for Your IT Career
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Myths and Facts about Microsoft Certifications

What Microsoft Certifications Will Do For Your Career

“Get certified!”

Lately, this phrase is on everyone’s lips. If you want a better job, higher pay and more career opportunities, then get certified.

There is a huge skills gap in the IT industry which has led to a high demand for IT certifications. Getting technical certifications has become a necessity for professionals to obtain high-paying jobs.

Microsoft is one of the leading tech companies in the world, so it’s no surprise that its certifications are considered the most prestigious. Today, the majority of college graduates and working professionals in the IT field are pursuing Microsoft certifications and courses.

Myths About Microsoft Certifications

Here are a few myths regarding Microsoft certifications that you should not take seriously:

  • It’s easy to pass the exam.
  • It will guarantee success in your career.
  • It will double your salary.
  • You’ll get the top positions in top companies.
  • You’ll enjoy an easy professional life.

Microsoft certifications do not guarantee these things for you. Passing the exam requires hard work and dedication; it definitely isn’t easy. Not even the best skills and knowledge will guarantee you success; your work ethic and professionalism along with your skills are what will lead you to be successful. Even after obtaining a certification, you will still likely have to work in entry-level positions in order to gain necessary experience. And once you become certified, you will be expected to deliver more; nothing in your professional life will become any easier.

What a Microsoft Certification Will Do for You
  • It will arm you with skills and knowledge that will make you more competitive in the job market.
  • It will add credibility to your résumé that will impress your employers.
  • Your opinions and views will be held in higher esteem in your company, which will open doors for promotions.
  • Negotiating your salary will be easier because of your expertise.
  • It will provide countless opportunities for you — you will be able to choose from various jobs, companies and industries to suit your preferences.
  • You will earn respect from your colleagues, co-workers and friends.

If you are planning on getting a Microsoft certification, don’t get caught up in all the hype. Take time to really understand everything: the benefits, the requirements, the challenges, etc. Find a reputable IT college that offers Microsoft courses in Mississauga. Obtaining these certifications is not easy, but they will transform your professional life.


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