Writing a Résumé That Will Get You Hired
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Tips on Drafting an Appropriate Résumé

Writing a Résumé That Will Get You Hired

You are searching for a new career. You have already started to find jobs through the Internet and newspapers. You are ready to apply, but what is the most crucial part of your application process? Your résumé!

The application process is the most important part of the job search. More often than not, you are required to submit an application and/or your résumé; an employer will not see your face or experience your personality, and you won’t be present to make your case.

Your résumé speaks for you, so it is important to craft it to perfection. Most jobs require résumés to be sent via email or mail, which means you are not going to be delivering it by hand. Employers categorize candidates based on their résumés, so follow our useful tips to make sure you are placed with the best of the best.

Five Tips to Create an Impressive Résumé
1. Prioritize Appearance

The appearance of your résumé plays a huge role. If it does not appear professional or looks to be cheap quality, it will most likely find its way into the trash. When you print your résumé, always make sure to use good quality paper — white or ivory paper works best (never use colour paper). Use a simple font that looks professional and is easy to read. Remember, your résumé represents you; having an unattractive résumé will land you in the pile of undesirable candidates.

2. Tailor It to the Job Field

It is essential to make sure your résumé is crafted for the specific job field you wish to work in. Some experts suggest tailoring it to each job you apply for, but we understand that this can be too time consuming. However, it is important that the experience and skills you list are relevant to the job field you are aiming for. Show the employer that you know what the job opening requires and have what it takes to fill the role.

3. Keep It Short

Your résumé should include as much information as possible, but don’t jam-pack it with irrelevant information. Try to keep your résumé one to two pages long. You should be able to fit all of your important information — work history, education, skills, etc. When you are listing your work history and education, only provide the basic information; the interview is the place to discuss details. Most employers hate long résumés because they don’t have the time or the interest to read things that are not relevant.

4. Fill Career Gaps

If there are long gaps in your employment, try not to leave them empty. For example, if you were caring for a sick relative for two years, you can mention that you took courses during that time. This will show that even though you were not working full-time, you were still in touch with the field.

5. Check for Errors

Make sure your résumé has absolutely no errors. There should be no spelling, grammatical or formatting mistakes. It is a good idea to have a friend or family member proofread it for you. Mistakes on a résumé appear very unprofessional to employers. They may perceive it as an indication of sloppiness, low attention to detail or lack of interest in the company.

If you need help preparing for your next interview, or if you are interested in upgrading your technical skills to better market yourself for employment in the IT field, please feel free to contact us. We provide intense Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco, Linux and Red Hat courses. We are located in Mississauga near Toronto, Milton, Hamilton, Oakville and Brampton and offer courses to students looking to change their career or improve their professional skills.


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